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Viper Tuning Shop

G'day traveller. Here you will find cars for Viper Racing - tuned cars that is!

VTS does not create origional cars, but modifies existing cars for racing instead.


VTS decided the JUN SUPRA by 1303 could use some more power. In the spirit of GT, VTS added a huge turbo and did some tire upgrading. The result is an 1100 HP monster that can go 0-60 in 2 seconds, and reach a top speed of over 250 MPH. However, it will take a brave driver to try reaching that speed.

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Taking downgrading to the extreme, VTS took the Sports Sedan GT and made it ready for the Class S FWD Race Cars. Although Horsepower is just around 300, the weight is only 1700+ pounds, making this car very lightweight. The AWD was removed in favor of a limited-slip FWD, which gets better traction than the usual open differentials. The massive double-decker spoiler was replaced with a much smaller "tiny-wing" spoiler on the bottom of the rear hatch. Weight reduction was increased and the center of gravity shifted forward, largely due to the fuel tank being placed closer to the center of the car, and the lack of heavy differentials and the huge wing.



With 550 horsepower, 4WD, and a nasty tendency to roll, the Sports Sedan was never considered to be any more than a hack car for Viper Racing. However, VTS took the liberty of modifying this "rally car on crack" to be driveable on a high speed track. The result is the Sports Sedan GT. With less power than the standard model, only about 450 HP, the GT version sounds like it is slower, but the opposite is true. Serious weight reduction was done, esp. weight overhead, to lower the center of gravity drastically. Power distribution was changed to 65 rear / 35 front for better traction and cornering, and a double rear spoiler was grafted to the hatch for much-needed downforce. It is possible to compete against a VRGT race car, but no one knows for sure.



Many people remember the De Lorean from the movie trilogy "Back to the Future", but not everyone knows what the real car drives like. A 120 horsepower V-6 is not enough for racing, unless you are going against an unmodified minivan! Therefore, VTS took the De Lorean and loaded it with go-fast drivetrain parts. The stock transmission was replaced with a five-speed racing transmission, the engine was reinforced to be able to handle the turbo kit, and the chassis was reinforced to deal with the extra torque from the engine. The result was a Class A street machine. It looks innocent until you wind up the engine and the turbo up to the 6000 RPM redline and release 300 horsepower to the rear wheels. Then this "slow" machine gets moving fast. It may not be the best car in the Class A world, but it is certainly fun to drive, as opposed to the insanely slow stock form.



After creating the Drag Racing Cutlass 442, there was a need fo a RWD Drag Racer. The result is the second generation Drag Racing Cutlass. Using huge "Sticky Mickey" tires in the rear, the 442 can accelerate with only a small amount of wheelspin in first and second gear, despite the front weight bias and the 1011 all-American horses under the hood. This car qualifies as a Class S race car, although cornering is this car's major weakness.



After converting the Oldsmobile Cutlass 442, the potential was seen to turn the already monstrous muscle car into a real Drag Racer. A complete racing modification, which meant fully tuning the 454 big-block as much as possible, reducing weight on the body, and converting the drivetrain to 4WD. A six-speed racing transmission was added and posi-traction differentials front and rear. Limited-slip was installed center, since this car would actually be turning corners. The biggest tires possible were fit under the fenders, and the result is a real drag monster. With 1011 horsepower at 6500 RPMs, and 1000 tire-melting pound-feet of torque, the Drag Racing Cutlass was born to race on the quarter mile. It can spin all four tires at launch, and has impressive 0-60 and 1/4 mile times. However, this car does not take corners very fast. It's 4WD adds a lot of understeer to the car's handling dynamics. Only by using the parking brake, then smashing down on the accelerator at a low speed will the rear end ever come loose on the car.


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